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Illumination Tools for Professional Use

Night Reaper Systems LLC is proud to bring you the world’s highest quality, HID portable searchlights and LED flashlights that are available today.

For Military Grade Crew Served Weapon Light (CSWL) Systems please see: http://nightreapersystems.com

Professionals need powerful searchlights they can deploy for extended periods of time. When weight and space are a premium these are the tools to reach for. Despite their relatively small size, operators can maintain unparalleled light output for extended periods of time while maintaining maximum situational awareness.

Our searchlights are ideal for large area search and rescue operations, long-range identification requirements such as vehicle checkpoints, border security, and assault operations. You will definitely appreciate the clear, brilliant output of these systems. The beam quality is the best in the industry. The reflector was shaped to give the user an excellent combination of "throw" and overall coverage.

Reliable, rugged, efficient, and waterproof.